Karate Depot - Flimsy fighting staffs

Mount Pleasant, Michigan 1 comment

Our theatre department purchased 24 "red oak" fighting staffs from Karate Depot to be used in the stage combat class. Didn't look like oak to me.

The staffs started breaking and cracking the first day. We sent them back. Had we continued to use them, we would have people injured from broken sharp ends. Karate Depot refused to refund us because the staffs were no longer sell-able.

Uh, were you really going to sell stuff that was clearly not up to the task?

The customer service person said they were meant for hard or sustained combat. Must have had a different definition for "fight" at Karate Depot.

Review about: Fighting Staffs.

Monetary Loss: $750.


Livermore, California, United States #702371

It seems to me that if you aren't already familiar with a product you should buy one or two for testing. If the product in question meets your needs, then you buy more.

I plan on buying a bo from karate depo for use as a hiking staff. Since I plan on having it for self defense, I plan on testing it out before I take it out on the trail.

If it doesn't stand up, then I will buy a bo from somewhere else.

Try before you buy is always good advice.

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